Selling Your Home

The real estate market is always changing. In order to get the best possible selling price for your property, you need someone who knows the local housing market inside and out. As one of the top listing agents in Sebring, Florida, Lazaro Martinez can help you make the right decisions when it comes to maximizing your property’s potential and protecting your investment. 


Lazaro Martinez

“Accurate pricing is key to getting potential buyers to tour and make offers on your home. There is a current pool of buyers waiting to jump on new listings as they hit the market, which is why accurate pricing and staging of your home is crucial.”

Things to Think About When Selling Your Home

After sitting down with Lazaro to determine the best listing price, he will offer advice about small marketing repairs and staging of your home to attract more qualified buyers. The Team Lazaro marketing plan is designed to get maximum exposure to interested buyers, either direct to consumer or through his network of fellow agents who have buyers waiting.

Through strategic pricing, staging, agent accessibility, marketing and visibility, Lazaro Martinez can help you achieve your goal of selling your home at a worthwhile price.

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