Buyers are lining up in Sebring, FL

Throughout the country, there is a shortage of available homes for sale. This is particularly true throughout Highlands County and the Sebring, Florida area. We have more buyers than we have sellers. If you’ve been thinking about selling your home, now is an excellent time to put your house on the market!

There are advantages to selling your home now!

In a seller’s market, there are fewer homes that match your home’s criteria, meaning you have less competition when trying to sell your home. Homes in Sebring are selling quickly – often within the first seven days of being listed! Homes in the current market are more likely to sell at or even above value. A seller may even experience multiple offers, which helps to drive up the price buyers are willing to pay for your property.

To ensure the best possible selling price, it may be necessary to perform small marketing repairs. Attention to detail is key in obtaining the highest sale price for your home. Our listing expert, Lazaro Martinez has a keen eye and has connections to local vendors to help you complete marketing repairs quickly and cost-effectively.

Homes in Sebring, Florida and nearby areas are selling faster and for more money than they were just six months ago. These trends only last so long, though. If you’re thinking about selling your home in the near future, don’t procrastinate! Maximize the return on your investment and get your home on the market while the market is hot! Contact Lazaro Martinez for your FREE comparative market analysis to determine your home’s current and true value in today’s busy real estate market.

Concerned about strangers in your home? Rest assured that The Hammock Falls Team holds your safety and peace of mind as a top priority. We will work with you regarding your home showing preferences and take steps to reduce foot traffic in your home:

  • A two-person team takes a brief video tour to showcase your home’s features. This video walkthrough is then circulated in our local MLS, social media, and on popular listing sites such as Zillow and Realtor.com where prospective buyers can easily decide if they are truly interested in your home.
  • We then encourage Realtors to utilize live virtual tours only to truly interested buyers. One agent will tour the home in person while on a live video with their client.
  • Finally, we ask that any serious buyers who tour the home in person do not bring extra family members or friends.
  • Prior to showing your home, it is recommended that the homeowner open all interior doors to limit surface contact of any visitors.

Our local agents have been instructed to wear masks, wash hands frequently and limit the touching of surfaces when inside the home. We take great strides to keep you and your family safe.

What a seller’s market means for buyers:

Buyers who are attempting to navigate the current market would do best teaming up with a savvy real estate agent who has the experience and professional connections to help locate a home that fits your criteria. Chances are, if you are simply relying on sites like Zillow or Realtor.com to find listings, then by the time you see the house listed on those sites, it’s already under contract and you’ve missed out. Using an experienced Realtor like Pam Cooper is the best way to see houses right when they hit the market. The Hammock Falls Team will work behind the scenes to get a “heads up” about upcoming listings from fellow Realtors to help give you the buying advantage.

As a buyer in a seller’s market, you’ll need to act quickly. If you’re in need of financing, be sure you have pre-approval from your lender before you go on your home search. You’ll need to be the first to be informed of a new listing and be prepared to view it right away. If you can’t take time to see it in person, you can request a live virtual tour hosted by your Realtor to get a feel for the layout and feel of the home prior to setting aside time to tour the property in person.

How to buy in a seller’s market:

Working with the Hammock Realty Team is the first step! You can also Sign Up Now for email notifications showing our local MLS listings, or download our MoveTo app to receive push notifications on your phone the moment new listings hit the market. MoveTo is available on Google Play or the Apple Store.

With so much competition from fellow home buyers, you may find yourself in a multiple-offer scenario. In that case, you’ll need to be prepared to bring your highest and best offer on that home. If your offer ultimately is not accepted, it’s important not to let yourself be discouraged. While you may need to reduce the number of “must haves” and be more willing to compromise on the exact features of a home, The Hammock Realty Team can still find the right property for you! Reach out to us today and let us know what home you’re looking for.

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